Dear Readers,

Welcome to what is, for all intents and purposes, my postbox. Here, I post letters, to various different places and people.

There’s you, for one. The recipients of any advice or recommendations I might feel that people other than myself would benefit from. Hopefully, you’ll listen, and hopefully, you’ll benefit. I say hopefully, because I am just as clueless and unsure as you are – but maybe the lessons my cluelessness and unsurity will be teaching me are one’s that’ll help you.

There’s me, for two. Letters to myself – letters of reflection and inspiration – kind of like I’m journalling, except for all the world to see. Ways for me to get my thoughts out, but this way I’m slightly more accountable, because I can lie to myself, but I can’t lie to other people. It’s just a way for me to say things, attempt things, try new things, and share them with you, along the way.

And finally, there’s letters to the world – letters to places, and things, and specific people. Letters to cities I’ve loved and concepts I’ve adored, or places I’ve despised and ideas that have destroyed me. Just, letters to the world. Letters to whoever may or may not be listening. Sometimes, these won’t actually be from me, and sometimes, they will be to someone specific. They will be love letters and break-up letters and questioning letters and anything-I-can-think-of letters.


I try to post three times a fortnight – on Tuesday, Saturday, and Thursday – and to keep all the posts of a different sort, if I can. Of course, it’s my brain and mental state that dictates what I have to write, but I’ll try.

I think that’s about all you need to know. My name is Jemimah – but Mima works too, obviously. I’m a teenager who can’t afford stamps, lives not-far-from-London, and likes to read.

I hope you enjoy looking through my personal postbox.


As always, with love.


Mima x