Welcome to Letters from Mima!

Dear reader,

Thank you for dropping by! If you’re reading this, I assume it’s because you came from my old blog, Storytime With Mima. It really means a lot that you followed through and came to find me here – thank you.

If you’re totally new, then thank you, too, for clicking. I just moved here, from a blog I started several months ago that I just felt I had grown out of. I thought it was time my blog grew up a bit, to keep on track with me.

My content here will, hopefully, be inspiring, entertaining, and helpful. At the very least, it’ll be things people don’t mind seeing.

Something I found, as I was writing on Storytime with Mima, is that my favourite posts, that I enjoyed writing the most, and that I got the most from, is that they followed a common theme – they were letters. Letters to my older self, my younger self, a letter to my grandfather – these were posts that I loved, and that also performed quite well. I’m planning on re-posting them here at some point, although probably with a fair amount of updating.

All in all, there are going to be four types of post here, four types of letter – hence ‘Letters from Mima’. Each variety of letter is addressed to a different person, or group of people, or thing.

There’ll be letters to you, direct addresses to anyone reading what I have to say – just like this. They’ll be for when I have advice to give, or something to recommend, or just things I want to share with you.

There’ll be letters to me, little notes of self-reflection, almost like journal entries. Things I have to say to myself, and want to work through in writing, and hope other people might enjoy too.

Letters to God, too, pieces that I know a lot of people will have little interest in, but that’s sort of the point. We don’t talk much online about faith, and when we do, it’s always within the same (wonderful) community – so I thought I’d do something that reminds you that belief in God exists on the internet, too.

And letters to the world – things I want to say to the world in general, or to places, or to people that won’t be reading it themselves. Just things I want to say to people who aren’t you or me.

(You can read some slightly more detailed (different) descriptions of these on my home page.)

So yeah, this is it. Letters to Mima is a-go. My first post published, and all that.

My first actual post – not just a welcome, but some real, proper content, will go up in a few hours, but what will still be, for me at least, a Tuesday. From there, I hope to build up a consistent posting schedule, over two weeks. On a Tuesday, the following Sunday,  round to Thursday, and then the following Tuesday again. This may or may not be successful, but we shall see.

Anyway. Thank you, for clicking. I hope you decide to become a frequent receiver of my mail.

As always, with love,


Mima x


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Letters from Mima!

  1. hi there!
    my name is emma (my blog is called “jean skirts and big dreams”) and I saw that you had started following my blog, so I decided to check yours out. I’m in love with it. your idea to do this is so fantastic and I love what you write a lot. I can’t wait to keep reading. ❤️
    much love,

    Liked by 1 person

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